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In our tales of exotic travel, we visit far-flung destinations, discover traditional and contemporary arts, and experience indigenous lifestyles from rituals to royalty. Join us in our explorations around the world, where we often encounter the unexpected.

filmmaker: Mysterious Traveler

country: Bhutan

channel: adventure

rating: PRO

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Grenada and Romance on CBS TV

Grenada and Romance on CBS TV

As seen on CBS TV If your love life could do with a little spicing up Grena…moreAs seen on CBS TV If your love life could do with a little spicing up Grenada, the spice island, is the place to go. Grenada is made up of three different islands, Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Some of the Caribbean’s most gorgeous islands. You can grow practically anything in this fertile soil. For instance Sugar which was used for making rum to be shipped up to the cold north. But of course it’s the spices that put Grenada on the map. The French and British waged war in the 17th and 18th century over who controlled the island and it’s rich crops.., Ft. George, in the capital city was built by the Brits to protect their interests. But what do spices have to do with Romance you ask? A good question. Many of the spices grown here are valued for their aphrodisiac qualities. Take the odd- looking nutmeg. Scratch the surface of any nutmeg and there beats the heart of a mighty aphrodisiac. Excuse me if I seem a little nuts about nutmeg ... But The Compulsive Traveler is also a little obsessive. At Douglaston Spice Estate.... you can pick your own aphrodisiac. Here’s a wonderful combination. Nutmeg and beautiful girls. But what about... Cinnamon or Chocolate? Another celebrated aphrodisiac. Also grown here in Grenada. At the Belmont Estate you see the century-old way chocolate or cocoa beans were prepared for dancing on them in huge copper pots. And this is the way the Big Drum dance, a traditional African Dance was kept alive over the centuries and is still reenacted today. Mix this with the local spices and you get an intoxicating dose of tropical sensuality. From the delicious fresh grilled lobster... To the heady fragrance of the flowers the island pleasures greet you everywhere Here on Carriacou, you see the direct link between spices, sensuality, romance, love and... you guessed it.... marriage. What could be a more perfect place for a wedding? The best part is you don’t have to go anywhere for your honeymoon. It’s all right here. A word of caution: don’t come to Grenada unless you’re prepared to have your passions ignited. (And go easy on the nutmeg.) less

Cayman went

Cayman went

A truly green story inspired by a miraculous true occurrence and the natural be…moreA truly green story inspired by a miraculous true occurrence and the natural beauty of a place. Cayman Went tells the story of a Hollywood actor, Josh Anders, who is forced onto an island paradise and is eventually swept away by the beauty of the Cayman Islands. Along the way, he helps cleanse the environment and his soul, while learning about himself, and the exquisite marine and island wildlife. Starring Michael Lombardi, Suzie Miszner and Jeffrey de Munn, directed by Bobby Sheehan, written by Bobby Sheehan and Jim Ritterhof. Produced by Gil Wordsworth. 90 minutes . 2008 less

Diving in Roatan

Diving in Roatan

Highlights from my last dive trip to Roatan, Honduras