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Sydney, NSW, Australia Travel Video - Sydney by Day, Harbour cruise and fish market

In Sydney I Interviewed Richard Maddrell, who works in the tourism industry. If someone has a day to spare in Sydney, Richard suggested taking a harbour cruise, and visiting the fish market.


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Golfing Kangaroos

Golfing Kangaroos

Kangaroos storm the fairways in Victoria, Australia - Melbourne, Australia featuring Wendy Rule - Melbourne, Australia featuring Wendy Rule

Melbourne is more like a lovely little town than a city and has a real European…moreMelbourne is more like a lovely little town than a city and has a real European feel about it. Melburnians appreciate the finest in life: food, coffee, music…oh and football. If you are in Melbourne during footy season, you won't be able to escape it, it's followed with religious fervour. 'Four Seasons in one day' - After a beautiful day on Friday, Melbourne turned out a shocking wet day today. I wanted to capture the multicultural element of Melbourne, so I spent some time filming the Victorian Markets. Melbourne represents to me fine food and a great live music scene. So on Friday night l went to a bush tucker restaurant and feasted on crocodile, and then watched Wendy Rule perform. A well known musician Wendy tells us what she likes about Melbourne. less

Baz Luhrmann's Australia - following in the footsteps of the stars

Baz Luhrmann's Australia - following in the footsteps of the stars

Australia will hit the big screens in the UK on Boxing Day. This eagerly a…moreAustralia will hit the big screens in the UK on Boxing Day. This eagerly anticipated drama tells the story of an English aristocrat, Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman), and a rough-hewn cattle drover (Hugh Jackman) who drive 1,500 herd of cattle across Northern Australia. Most of the film was shot in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, and the cast and crew spent months here making the scenes look suitably spectacular. But just what did they get up to, and where did they hang out? This video follows in the footsteps of Nicole, Hugh and Baz, and also includes some great clips from the film. For more information on the Northern Territory or Western Australia visit and less - Mumbulla Mountain Aboriginal Sacred Site - Mumbulla Mountain Aboriginal Sacred Site

Umbarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre - near Bermagui, NSW, Australia Spent the…moreUmbarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre - near Bermagui, NSW, Australia Spent the night camping right on the beach at the beautiful Mimosa Rocks National Park just out of Tathra. In certain National Parks in Australia you can camp in designated camp grounds for a small fee and Mimosa Rocks is one of my favourites, with some fantastic rock formations at the Aragunnu camp site. Today I am taking a tour to Mumbula Mountain, sacred to the local Aborigines. Ronald Tighe, an Aboriginal guide at the Umbarra Cultural centre talks about the significance of Mumbulla Mountain. The Umbarra Cultural Centre runs tours to local sacred sites. Participants can learn about the significance of these sites to the local Aborigines. less - Echuca, Australia, Paddle Steamers - Echuca, Australia, Paddle Steamers

Echuca - (pop. 10 014) In the 1860s to the early 1900’s, Echuca was a bustli…moreEchuca - (pop. 10 014) In the 1860s to the early 1900’s, Echuca was a bustling port with paddlesteamers ferrying people and goods all through the the Murray, Darling and Murrumbidgee River systems. By the early 1970's, the port was derelict and unused. The council of the day decided that its paddlesteamer heritage was unique and started restoration of the port. Today the paddlesteamers are making a comeback. Many old sunken boats are being repaired to their former glory. Kevin Hutchinson is a Shipwright who has played a large role in the paddlesteamer revival. Echuca is a great example of how rural towns can use their heritage to establish tourism. less

Sunshine Coast in Australia

Sunshine Coast in Australia

Pristine coastline and lush hinterland, superb cuisine, action and adventure or…morePristine coastline and lush hinterland, superb cuisine, action and adventure or just the perfect piece of sand on which to chill out... less

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Tuscany Luxury Wine Tour Part 1

Tuscany Luxury Wine Tour Part 1

Castello di Tornano in the heart of Chianti (Gaiole in Chianti) makes an outsta…moreCastello di Tornano in the heart of Chianti (Gaiole in Chianti) makes an outstanding wine from the vineyards surrounding it. The complex was a medieval castle from the 10th century, lavishly restored. The Ricasoli family of Castello di Brolio dates back to the 7th Century. An ancestor of the current owner Francesco, Bettino Ricasoli, was prime Minister of Italy in the 19th Century and invented the Chianti formula. The winery is the oldest in Italy. Badia a Coltibuono once an Abbey from the 11th century is now a charming hotel, restaurant, winery and cooking school run by the Stucchi Prinetti family dedicated to the preservation of the oldest traditions of the Chianti region. Poggio Antico in Montalcino is the highest elevation winery growing Brunello. An excellent Restaurant run by Chef Roberto Minnetti is on the premises preparing dishes steeped in Tuscan history. Castello Banfi at Sant’Agelo Scalo is owned by the Mariani family dedicated to producing superior wines on their large 6,000 acres estate, marked by technological innovation. An old farm complex in nearby Collupino serves as residence for guests of the Banfi winery. Montepulciano is a Medieval Renaissance town on top of a mountain in the province of Siena known for its “Nobile wine” only produced here. Valdipiatta, an awarded winery, produces the vino Nobile from Prugnolo and Lanaiolo grapes. The owner Mr Caporali runs a wine school educating visitors about wine varieties and growing techniques. He also runs Il Grifon D’Oro, a trendy restaurant and Il Poliziano, an historic cafe in the center of town. Contucci is the oldest wine cellar in Montepulciano holding tastings since Renaissance times. It is located in the main piazza overlooking Palazzo Comunale. Avignonesi is a combination of 4 estates growing awarded wines. It is also a farmhouse growing its own products for its kitchen and its store. The open farm kitchen serves local specialties. Relais San Bruno is an elegant boutique Hotel set among an olive grove and fruit orchard under the walls of Montepulciano. less

Hunter Valley wines

Hunter Valley wines

The famous Hunter Valley wine producing region begins 70 miles North of Sidney.…moreThe famous Hunter Valley wine producing region begins 70 miles North of Sidney. This is the oldest wine producing area since 1825.Good soil and ample rains make this a perfect environment for growing a wide range of grapes. Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are the most popular wines here. Produced by Sidney and Mary Lee Nolan for Compulsive Traveler. less

Luxury Wine Tour of Piedmont promo

Luxury Wine Tour of Piedmont promo

The area in Piedmont called Langhe Roero has given the world the gift of truffl…moreThe area in Piedmont called Langhe Roero has given the world the gift of truffles, the Nebbiolo grape, from which Barolo and Barbaresco come from and a dazzling cuisine that is both aristocratic and simple. Let iexplore guide you on this luxury wine tour among castles and vineyards. There you’ll meet the makers of these great wines and the chefs working their dazzling cuisine in some of the most charming medieval towns in Italy. Your trip starts at the Villa Tiboldi, luxuriously renovated Villa and Farmhouse surrounded by Nebbiolo and Arneis vineyards with views that go on forever. Alba has a beautiful Cathedral from the XIth Century and a rich historic center. However Alba’s heart beats to the tune of the truffle. Renato Agnello, truffle hunter of of 60 years leads a search for truffles in the woods with his dog Diana. Tartufi Morra is a truffle emporium Established in 1930. It has the ultimate selection of everything truffle. The restaurant Piazza Duomo owned by the Ceretto winemaking family is a shocking pink space with frescoes by Francesco Clemente.The avant-garde cuisine of Chef Enrico Crippa has earned the restaurant a one Michelin star. The healthy pastry shop created by chef Luca Mentersino uses no sugar, milk or flour. So go ahead and splurge. Neive is at the heart of Barbaresco. Katja and Ivan Rivetti are the third generation of Rivetti making this wine here. Tops labels are Bricco Barbaresco and Bricco de Neveis. The Stupino brothers winery is housed in a sprawling 18th century castle. In the 70’s the Stupino’s cloned an old variety of Arneis vine producing a remarkable sparkling Pinot Noir besides their well known Barbaresco. The restaurant La Ciau del Tornavento is owned by chef Maurilio Garola. The Chef has consistently received one Michelin star for his groundbreaking dishes. The fortified Castle of Grinzane was erected in the XIth Century. Today it houses a very large Enoteca representing the best of Piedmont wines and grappas. Barolo is a charming medieval town surrounded by wineries The Marchesi Falletti created the first Barolo in this village.The first bottle, "Cannubbio 1861” is on permanent display.Today the original 19-century chestnut barrels have been reconditioned to age the Barolo Cannubi or Barolo Riserva. Locanda nel Borgo Antico is set in an hamlet outside Barolo. In this elegant restaurant Chef Massimo Camia prepares the classic dishes which have earned the restaurant a Michelin star. The Ceretto brothers have created a 300 acres network of small estates producing some outstanding labels. Top wines are Bricco Rocche, Brunate and Prapo’. They have also sponsored major art projects the Sol Lewitt Chapel among the vineyards and in their winery their futuristic wine-tasting glass cube. You will stay in the Hotel Villa Beccaris an 18th century palazzo surrounded by vineyards near the historic town of Monforte DAlba. 3 sisters from the Burlotto family run the Castle which their grandfather bought from the first King of Italy. The family restored the original frescos and furniture. Here you’ll attend cooking lesson in classic Piedmontese dishes. Their winery has some of the oldest vintages going back to the 1850’s. Top wines are Verduno Basadone, Barbaresco Rabaja’ . A truly royal lunch is served in the castle courtyard. Pietro Ratti runs the business founded by his father in the 60’s. Today this state of the arts winery produces an outstanding Barolo Marcenasco. After this magical tour with, Langhe Roero will stay with you forever. For more information on this privately guided, dream luxury wine tour call us at 1-800 iexplore or visit Copyright Christina Tours, LLC less

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Canberra - Capital of Australia (pop. 310 000) Home of our politicians and m…moreCanberra - Capital of Australia (pop. 310 000) Home of our politicians and maybe the most well planned out city in the world. The story goes that when deciding on a National Capital, those in Sydney and Melbourne wouldn't give an inch, so decided to locate a city between them. Arrived in Canberra by the red eye Thursday night. You could spend a week in Canberra just seeing exhibitions. You can visit the National Gallery, the National Museum, the National Library, the National Science and Technology Centre, Old Parliament House, New Parliament House, the Australian War Museum, the National film and sound archives, the national museum of erotica etc etc, I think you get the picture! Canberra is the first location where a story has fallen through. I wanted to take a light hearted look at Canberra's sex and drug laws, which are the most liberal in Australia. I tried to set up an interview with a Mistress, but had great difficultly getting a response. Strange… My back up story is on the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. Although you won't find it listed on any maps, it has been located at the front gardens of Old Parliament House for close on 30 years. I spoke with Darren Bloomfield, the appointed keeper of the Sacred fire. less - Sydney by Night, Drag Queen - Miss Vanity Faire - Sydney by Night, Drag Queen - Miss Vanity Faire

Sydney - Capital of New South Wales (pop. 4 mil.) Sydney is a world capital,…moreSydney - Capital of New South Wales (pop. 4 mil.) Sydney is a world capital, up there with Paris, New York and London. It has that certain energy that a 'happening' capital has. And the Harbour,…… beautiful. Gateway to over 2 million international visitors per year, Sydney is fast paced and action packed. The annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras attracts more international visitors to Sydney than any other event. Oxford St in Sydney's Gay and Lesbian precinct plays host to a nightly array of drag performers all vying to outdo each other. less - Byron Bay, Environmental Artist, John Dahlsen - Byron Bay, Environmental Artist, John Dahlsen

Byron Bay (pop. 6130) It seems every backpacker must make the pilgrimage to …moreByron Bay (pop. 6130) It seems every backpacker must make the pilgrimage to Byron Bay. Once the centre for peace, love and alternative lifestyles, now home of a growing number of baby boomer 'seachangers' from capital cities down south. With this new mix, Byron is evolving, (and the real estate prices are going through the roof). Arrived in Byron Sunday night. Byron attracts creative types and also has a huge collection of practitioners of alternative health therapies. To try and capture this I am interviewing John Dahlsen an artist. John makes a daily trip to the beach where he collects plastic waste washed up the night before. From this waste he creates art pieces. I found his art to be like a double edged sword, I was both astounded by the beauty of his art, and repelled by the thought it was all collected from our beaches. less