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Be a filmmaker

To be a filmmaker on is simple: you need to tell a story about travel on video. It can be any length up to 5 minutes, it can be with or without narration and music or it can be a simple recording of a unique and entertaining moment in your travel experience. You can shoot with a professional camera or with an inexpensive camcorder or cell phone.

You can travel across town or to the Gobi desert. You can edit on fancy editing equipment, your computer or just have one great single take. You can be from Kenya and only speak Swahili or live in an inaccessible area of Mato Groso in Brazil. It doesn’t matter. As long as you tell a good story and can get on the Internet you’ll be able to come onto the site and have your stories available for the world to see.

What’s a good story?

Something that grabs you. Something that entertains. It can be funny, exciting, touching, disturbing, political, educational, off-the-wall or all of the above.

As a filmmaker you create your own page with your biographical and contact information. See Filmmakers

All of your videos can be viewed there. is the shortest distance you can travel to a worldwide audience. You don’t need a Hollywood deal or a distributor.

You have a good travel story, you’re on