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Exciting news for our filmmakers :: Introduction of PRO Rating

Dear Filmmaker,

While we do appreciate all videos uploaded to the site our distribution partners will select certain types of videos and our advertisers will place their ads on particular videos only.
The travel related websites we distribute to, more than likely will select videos that look PRO and that promote a specific destination.

The advertisers select videos on the basis of their monetization potential and when deciding where to place their ads they prefer professionally made videos or PRO videos rather than user generated videos.

What is a PRO video?

While the definition is not so clear-cut there are some basis elements that distinguish a PRO video:

  • A story that promotes a specific destination or destinations
  • A well told travel story that has a beginning, a middle and an end. No restrictions on the travel content: It can be quirky and off-beat provided it engages the viewer.
  • A story shot with a 3 CCD semi-professional camera like the Sony PD 150, Panasonic DVX 100 or Canon X-L2 or any or the HDV cameras will have a better chance.
  • Possibly the use of a tripod. Travel videos have a smoother look to them if shot with a good tripod and a good tripod-head. (Advertisers like glossy). However if your story is shot hand-held and works well it will make the cut.
  • A camera with no attention deficit disorder. A camera that meanders restlessly from object to object does not convey much information except the excitement of the filmmaker.
  • A sense of framing and pacing that enhances the story.
  • Quality sound. If you have sound recording on location, camera mikes are useless and sound will need to be recorded with an external mike.

Check out videos with a PRO tag to get the idea.

The decision to place your video in the PRO category rests ultimately with our editorial department.

If your video does not qualify as a PRO video we still welcome you and appreciate your uploading it to the site. We urge you to continue improving your production technique according to the guidelines above. You will at some point graduate your videos to the PRO area and you will be able to monetize your videos by sharing in the advertising revenues.

For the PRO Filmmaker:

The monetization plan is simple:
A PRO filmmaker will receive 25% of the all the ad revenues generated by the ads placed on its videos.

This business model is just beginning to take shape on the web. Ad revenues are based on clicks and views and will take a lot of them for serious revenues to be accrued. We are setting up a distribution network that will create views and revenues for your videos. As distribution grows so will your earnings.

Don’t expect instant returns. It will take time for the industry and the ad business to transition their commercials substantially to the web. One good thing is that you are at the beginning of a major new trend. Things can only get better. So sit tight, keep making good videos and watch your work be part of an exciting business model on the web.